Wheel Spcer/Adapter 4X100 To 4X114.3


Wheel Spcer/Adapter 4X100 To 4X114.3

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Wheel Spcer/Adapter 4X100 To 4X114.3

Wheel Spacers are designed to fit in between your hub and your wheel to widen the track of your car to give an aggressive look or to give that extra bit of clearance between your wheel and brake calipers.

Well now you can change your wheel pcd to allow you to fit the wheels you always wanted.

Wheel Spacer/Adapters are sold in sets of 4 pieces and come with all necessary nuts/bolts 


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"4X100", "4×108", "5X108/5X108", "5X110", "
5X110/5X112", "5X100/112", "4X100/4X100", " 4X100/4X114.3"

Inner Bore

"57.1", "65.1", "73.1", "54.1", "56.1", "60.1"

Outer Bore

"57.1", "65.1", "63.4", "73.1", "54.1", "56.1", "60.1"


"Yes", "No", "M12X1.5", "OK"

Thick MM

"15", "20", "18"


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