AEZ Crest dark


AEZ Crest dark

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AEZ Crest dark :  The new light alloy wheel AEZ Crest dark is painted in a gunmetal matt finish in the style of the self-confident design. The polished outer edge, called "polished lip" in the technical language, creates the boundary to the tire as a clear light edge and makes the alloy wheel look bigger. The wheel is especially available for premium cars such as Porsche Macan, Audi A6 or Q5, Volvo S90 or the Jaguar XF and XE as well as the current Mercedes S-Class.

7.5 x 17 | 8.0 x 18 8.0 x 19 9.0 x 19 8.0 x 20 9.0 x 20 9.0 x 21

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