Autoglym Luxury Bodywork & Wheels Collection


Autoglym Luxury Bodywork & Wheels Collection

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Luxury Bodywork & Wheels Collection

Six carefully selected Autoglym products that clean, enhance and protect your bodywork, glass and wheels.

Foaming Car Wash 500ml
Rapid Ceramic Spray 500ml
Fast Glass 500ml
Custom Wheel Cleaner 500ml
Instant Tyre Dressing 500ml
Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth

Clean & Protect your car's exterior and wheels with this collection of Autoglym products. Not only will your car look amazing after use, it will also be protected for up to three months with our easy to use ceramic spray.

We recommend to use the products in the following order for the best results:

1) Clean your wheel with Custom Wheel Cleaner.

2) Wash your car with Foaming Car Wash.

3) Dress your tyres with the Instant Tyre Dressing.

4) Apply the Rapid Ceramic Spray to add a protection layer.

5) Finish by cleaning your windows with Fast Glass.

Full instructions for the usage of all the products can be found on each individual pack.

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