DOTSENS DS1 Vehicle Tracking System




Vehicle location, accident and theft warning, battery voltage drop notification, date reminders. Everything you need right on your Android or Apple IOS device.

The Car Assistant kit consists of a DS1 device and a mobile application. We connect DS1 to power the vehicle, and install the downloaded application on the phone. After installing the application, we provide the serial number of DS1 locator, vehicle data and then you can enjoy the full functionality of the Assistant.

Warning about a possible traffic collision

Too much overload or impact can be a signal that an accident has occurred. The system will alert you and selected people. You will also immediately see the location of the potential event on the map.

Warning against possible theft

Each time your car changes position without authorization, you will receive an alarm about possible theft. You will be able to follow your vehicle on the map.

Warnings and technical messages

The system notifies too much of the battery voltage drop. The parental control function gives the possibility of warning about exceeding the set speed limit.

Reminders about important dates

We took care of other useful messages, including about upcoming inspection dates or scheduled visits to the car service. The system also makes sure that the insurance policy is renewed.

  • Know where your vehicle is at all times no matter where you are
  • 3 years free operation of service from DOTSENS. After the 3 years, you will have the option to extend your subscription with DOTSENS
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Monitor all the information from your smartphone anywhere
  • Also ideal for company vehicles as well as private vehicles


Price does NOT include fitting.

For more information on the DOTSENS DS1 or fitting this device to your vehicle, contact the Red Power Motorsport team on 01 409 0222, or contact us on Facebook and Email.


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