Puncture Repairs

Puncture Repairs at Red Power Motorsport: We provide a convenient puncture repair service from €10. Whether you need a plug or a patch, we can get you back on the road again. Our technicians inspect the tyre to ensure its in repairable condition, then we find the source of the leak. Once the tyre can be repaired, we do so and then test again for leaks. Sometimes the tyre is beyond repair,  usually due to being driven on while flat, this causes rubber to peel off the inside of the tyre, weakening the tyre from the inside out increasing your chances of a blow-out. If this is the case, we can supply and fit a new tyre from €55  we keep most popular sizes in stock, but have a large range available to us immediately also. For more information about puncture repairs, wheel alignment, tracking or buying new tyres, simply get in touch by filling in contact form, you may also drop in to us here on the Long Mile Road and we will be happy to advise you.


Puncture Repair Service

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Get in touch about our puncture repair service from 10 euro.

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