Deco blik Rubber Paint Range

Deco blik Rubber Paint Range
Deco blik Rubber Paint Range
Deco blik Rubber Paint Range


Deco blik Rubber Paint Range



Deco Blik Rubber Paint : Rubber paint - protective rubber coating Excellent for changing the surface appearance. You can use it for wheels , emblems, thresholds , grilles, plastic interior parts. It is easy to apply. Does not damage the treated surface.

When properly applied , the coating can be washed both by hand, using high pressure water, or automatic car wash with mechanical brushes. Rubber paint is resistant to fading, frost, salt. Can be applied on the wheels, bumpers and other parts of your car specifically to protect the original surface in the winter season.

Removal of rubber coating (7-8 layers) is easy and in one piece, leaving no traces on original paint or other surfaces Life of the coating depends on the surface preparation, number of layers applied, the operation mode, as well as the state of the coated surface and can last up to 1 year.

  • Easy to use

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"Lotus White", "Fluorescent Red", "Fluorescent Green", "Fluorescent Yellow", "Bright Yellow", "Gold", "Silver", "Black With Chameleon Blue Green", "Black With Chameleon Red Velvet", "Night Blue Summer Night", ”Clear lacquer“

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