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01 /Customer Service

Choosing Red Power Motorsport for you car part or service means superb customer service from your very first interaction, we pride ourselves on this and strive to make our customers completely happy with all of our services. This has enabled us to grow as one of the leading car parts companies in Dublin.

02 /Quality Guaranteed

We stand by all of our products or services and source only the highest quality parts from around the globe, this high quality approach means you get a guarantee that your product is first class, and we honor  all purchases with this guarantee. For more information please view our terms and conditions.

03 /Price Promise

The price promise means we promise to provide car parts at a price that is affordable, we do this by having a team of highly skilled stock buyers with years of experience travelling the globe and sourcing high quality car parts at a price our customers can be happy with.

04 /Experience & Security

Our experience stands at 30+ years in the car parts & motor industry, and in some cases even more! A super dedicated team brought together to provide our customers with value for their hard earned money. Our website and online shop which is full of thousands of car parts and service/ fitting options is highly secure with a payment gateway that is fast and super safe.


01 /Car Parts Superstore

Our store on the Long mile road in Dublin is packed with car parts to suit all car makes & models. We keep in stock 90% of most car parts to cut down on delivery time, but wait even more products are available online. Should we  not have a part available be assured we will do our utmost to source this as soon as possible.

02 /Car Remapping & Performance

Car remapping is a new service we provide and improves the performance by up to 35%. We have partnered with the leading expert in this field Viezu. Car remapping is available to most cars and also improves power, fuel economy, improves acceleration and lowers carbon footprint, For more details see our dedicated car remapping page.

03 /Car Servicing

Our large car parts store also has a state of the art car servicing department filled with expertly trained mechanics and technicians, we provide a full range of car servicing including general car service, clutch repair and replacement, engine diagnostics, NCT Preparation, headlight alignment, bumper repair.

04 /Car Body styling

For Red Power Motorsport car styling is where it all started, we have been selling these car parts for many years and now we have a team of car enthusiasts who are also expert mechanics helping you turn your car into your very own masterpiece. We supply and fit all car body styling parts including boot lids, wind deflectors, coilovers, lowering springs,grills, led lights and much more.

Popular Services

01 /Car Window Tinting

Red Power have been providing car tinting to the auto industry for many years. Car window tinting has always been popular but in recent years even more so, popular with car styling fans and has many benefits including privacy, security, UV control, sun protection. Our window tinting team can carry out your installation in most cases in a couple of hours, and are knowledgeable in the laws and limitations with car window tinting your car.

02 /Exhaust Modification

We carry out a full range of exhaust repairs and installations, from exhaust tip fitting to black box fitting we have you covered. We also stock all the exhaust parts you could possibly imagine so if you are dreaming of that twin exhaust for your car we have you covered.

03 /Car Remapping And Auto Tuning

Our top service request this year has been for car remapping and auto tuning, to hear more about this service and how it dramatically improves performance and efficiency simply get in touch with the team and we will be happy to advise.

04 /Lowering Springs And Suspension

Lowering springs improve the suspension of your car by simply replacing the car’s original springs and in most cases designed to improve the overall suspension of your car for immediate improvements. Improving handling,improved center of gravity and super stylish, for more information on the benefits and cost get in touch with us.

Red Power Motorsport News

01 /Car Remapping Now Available

Car remapping now available here at Red Power Motorsport, together with our partner Viezu we can have your car tuned to the highest quality and improve the performance and efficiency of your ride.

02 /Our BMW Hitting The High Notes

Our customized BMW project is just back from an amazing car show and was a big hit, a big thanks to the team involved in pimping this ride, drop down to us here at Red Power and check this baby out.

03 /Big Alloy Wheel News

We aim to bring our customers the best Alloy wheels on the market and new additions to out Alloy range include RADI8 and Alcar.  Drop in to our store or browse the website and find the perfect wheels for your ride.

04 /Even More Services At Red Power

Adding even more services for our customers, currently we are in an expansion stage and growing out team to meet the demand for Auto styling service and fitting, your one stop shop for car styling.