3D Wheel Alignment

Our wheel alignment service is designed to make your vehicle safer for you and your passengers, correct wheel alignment ensures your car drives and handles correctly for your safety and reduces the pressure on your tyres, many benefits include less fuel consumption, less wear on your tyres, safety, particularly in dangerous driving conditions ie bad weather or cornering.

  • How Would I know Something Was Wrong?

    If you notice steering difficulties, handling issues, wear on section of tyres these are signs that you wheel alignment may need to be looked at

  • How Long does the service take?

    Wheel alignment can be done in a short space of time and in most cases 1-2 hours.

  • How Often Should I Have My Wheels Checked?

    In normal conditions we recommend getting your wheel alignment checked once a year, other reasons include new tyres fitted, you hit a bump,handling has diminished,tyres wering on one side

  • How Do I Book?

    To book your wheel alignment service all you need to do is get in touch by filling in contact form or giving us a call, we will get back to you with a suitable appointment time.

Wheel Alignment With Redpower Motorsport

Safety First

To book your wheel alignment service simply fill in contact form provided or drop in to us here on the Long mile road.

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