LED Lighting Technology

We offer premium LED bulbs for most make & models. Our LED bulbs are super bright with OEM light pattern so the beam spreads correctly across the road.

Not only they are more stylish, the LED Conversion kits we provide are-

* Brighter and reaches a greater distance, therefore, making roads safer for drivers

* NCT Friendly (will pass NCT)

* Lasts up to 50,000 hours compared to traditional halogen (800hrs) and HID (2000hrs)

* Canbus (Error/Flicker free on MOST cars, some cars may require a warning canceler which we have in stock)

* Shock proof (no moving parts or filaments)

* Energy efficient (does not consume much power from your vehicle)

* Does not blind oncoming traffic

* Improves comfort driving at night

* Better heat dissipation than traditional halogen and HID

* 18 month warranty (fitted by Red power Motorsport)

* 12 month warranty (DIY fitting)

Available for low beams, high beams and fog lights and come with laser headlight alignment!