Here at Red Power Motorsport our fully equipped garage and experienced staff are ready to investigate and repair any problem you are having with your vehicle. So whether its a clicking noise when going over ramps, a thumping sound when driving, or some other noise that you can make to our staff (dont be embarrassed, we've heard it all before!), we will get you booked in and back on the road in no time!

Services include (but not limited to):

Full engine servicing - When you book in with us for a full service, as standard we replace the Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter (or spark plugs depending on if your car is petrol or diesel), Cabin Filter (which filters the air you breath inside the car, it needs to be changed regularly!). We replace the old oil with new high quality engine oil which meets the specifications laid out by the vehicle manufacturer.  While we are doing all of that, we give the vehicle a checkover to ensure your safety critical components are in good shape, such as your brakes, suspension & tyres. A full bulb check is carried out and if there is anything of concern we will let you know about it. If we have time (depending on other bookings) we can offer to carry out the extra repairs on the same day, however if the repairs will take longer than we have the time for then we can arrange booking for another day, or to leave the car here where it will stay locked up indoors overnight and we can continue working on it the following day, our counter staff will advise when we can fit the extra work in and come to an arrangement that suits.

Wheel Alignment - Over time your vehicle suspension will wear out or get damaged, as this happens the geometry of your vehicle goes off line. This can result in the vehicle pulling to one side, tyres wearing unevenly & needing replacement prematurely, or in more serious cases it can make the handling unpredictable making it extremely dangerous to control.  When a vehicle arrives in for wheel alignment (or tracking as its more commonly known), we first of all check the tyres and suspension components. If the tyres are in poor condition or uneven wear then we will be unable to track the vehicle as it would be getting set based on the uneven tyres.  This would be the same with a worn suspension component, if a part is worn and moving excessively then this will negatively effect your wheel alignment and make it impossible to set correctly. Our staff will notify you of any problems with pictures or by showing you physically and advise when we can carry out the work & subsequent alignment. If everything looks good then we will go ahead and attempt wheel alignment. Sometimes bolts can snap on suspension components when carrying out wheel alignment, this would be due to the age or a design flaw in some components & there will be extra cost to rectify, such as the extra labour required to extract the broken part & the cost of the replacement.

Suspension repair -  Check out our dedicated page to suspension repair:

Suspension Repair


Tyre Replacement - Your tyres are the only thing that connects your vehicle to the ground, and its not something you should ignore if they need replacement! Your tyre will have wear marks, when the threads of your tyres reach these wear marks then its time for new tyres! We carry a large range of new budget tyres in stock, with almost every brand and size available to us to order. The price of our tyres start at €55, and the price includes fitting, balancing and the VEMC charge for recycling of the old tyre. You can read the size of your tyres by looking on the sidewall for numbers like "205/55 R16" - if you contact our sales team with this information then we will be able to check price & availability for you.

Engine Light Diagnostics - Its almost impossible to diagnose a vehicle these days without the use of a Diagnostics Computer, we have the latest diagnostics in Delphi, Launch & VAGCOM to cover almost any car we come across. Diagnostics starts at €30 & we can advise a repair or request more time to investigate the problem if needs be.

Brake Replacement - Your brakes wear down every time you press that middle pedal, both your brake pad & disc. Generally you can replace your pads 2 times before having to replace your disc, this is because the pad is designed to wear down faster. Over time a lip appears in your disc, reducing the thickness of the disc (making it unsafe) and can also result in an annoying brake noise. Don't leave noisy brakes on the long finger, get it checked out as soon as you can, if caught early then you can sometimes get away with just replacing the pads, however if the pad wears down all the way then it will cause damage to the disc & this will also need to be replaced.

All garage work needs to be booked in advance, you can do this by phoning our sales team on 01-4090222, email us on, message us on Facebook, or Whatsapp +353863800227. Trade inquiries welcome.

We also provide other services such as Headlight Alignment, Window Tinting, ECU Remapping, Bodywork repair, fitting customers own parts... so get in touch today!