Suspension Repair

You know that little click when you turn the steering wheel, or knock when you go over a ramp? These are signs that your vehicle might need some suspension repair. The suspension on your vehicle is a complex array of rubber bushings, steel links and arms, ball joints, shock absorbers and coil springs. They all work in harmony designed to give you a comfortable ride through all road types, while providing good handling and keeping your car pointing in the right direction.
Knocks and bangs from your suspension are usually the easiest to notice, as they can be quite obvious when you are driving the car, however other signs are not so obvious, a little tip is to check your tyres. Are they wearing evenly, or is the inside/outside of one or more of your tyres almost bald, while the rest of the tyre looks new? If you notice any of these signs, its recommended that you have your vehicle checked and repaired.
Here, at Red Power Motorsport, we are fully equipped to diagnose and repair all suspension problems at a competitive price. Being a Motor Factor, means we have immediate access to a wide range of OE quality replacement parts, so most repairs can be carried out there and then, which is important when dealing with safety critical aspects of your car. Once the worn part or parts are replaced, we carry out full wheel alignment on our top of the range Butler 3D Wheel Alignment equipment, ensuring your vehicles suspension is adjusted to factory settings.
We can also carry out custom suspension settings for race or track applications.

Contact us to arrange an inspection or repair, and we will be happy to help!

Cobra suspension lowering springs supplied and fitted to this 2014 Audi A4

Cobra lowering springs and new 19wheels and tyres supplied and fitted to this Audi A4 Avant!

  • Control Arms

    Control arms are the link between the frame and wheels of your vehicle, the respond to the road surface allowing the wheels to move up and down smoothly, we supply, fit and sell control arm parts for all makes and models.

  • Sway Bars

    Sway bar or stabilizer bar connects the wheels and suspension, the sway bar helps with weight distribution in your vehicle ensuring the car stays more level in instances such as cornering.

  • Coilovers

    Coilovers are a popular item in our car restyling service, it is a performance upgrade for suspensions and allows you to lower your vehicle. We can fit and supply most brands and styles.

  • How do i book?

    To book any suspension repair or upgrade simply get in touch with us here by filling in contact form.

  • Coil Springs

    Coil springs help support the weight of the car and reacts to road surfaces differences. When you are driving and a bump forces the wheel upwards the coil springs allows the vehicle to remain level and thus prevents or limits the impact on the driver and passengers. This is an important part of any suspension and can be repaired here at Redpower Motorsport.

  • Ball Joints

    The ball joints in relation to the suspension of your car are spherical bearings that connect up the control arms to the steering knuckle, like we have ball joints the ball joints of your car play an integral part in car suspension performance. Common issues to keep an eye out for to signal you may have an issue with your car ball joints is a clunking noise, excessive vibrations, car veering to one side.

  • Shock And Struts

    Shocks and struts reduce the harshness of bumps and uneven road surfaces, without these you would be in for a bumpy ride.

  • Alignment Kits

    To keep your suspension running smooth we a have a wide range of parts in out suspension alignment section, we also provide full fitting service of all these parts.

  • Suspension Lubricants

    Keeping all those moving parts working in sync it is important to carry out the correct maintenance, your suspension requires lubricant to prevent wear and continued performance. We have a all the best lubricants to keep your suspension working to full capacity.

  • Lowering Springs

    Lowering springs are designed to lower your car and depending on how much you want to lower your car we can fit springs to your vehicle. The add a little character to your car and are a favourite for car styling enthusiasts.

  • Suspension Modifications

    We carry out all manner of car modifications here at Red power Motorsport and suspension modifications including lowering springs are popular with our customers.