Coilover FAQ

  • How do I maintain my Coilovers?

    We recommend you inspect your coilovers regularly and when you are getting car serviced get technician to check for damage or any wear and tear.

  • Can Redpower Motorsport install for me?

    Yes absolutely we can, not only is Redpower Motorsport the leading supplier of Cobra lowering springs and Coilovers we have a fully functional body shop where we modify all makes and models.

  • Are coilovers difficult to install?

    You will need some technical ability to install coilovers as it can be a tricky process, and your safety once the installation is complete depends on the successful fitting. The fitting involves either full coilover system or coilover sleeve, the removal of the spring and strut housing is required. Once the fitting is complete it is important to bring to a professional technician as your coilovers will require an alignment and corner balancing service.

  • Why get Coilovers?

    Coilovers gives your car a whole new level of performance by adjusting order ambien overnight delivery your suspension, commonly done in the racing industry but now is much more of a mainstream car adjustment becoming very popular. Improves performance Cornering improvement

  • Can I get replacement parts?

    Redpower Motorsport is the dedicate agent for Cobra coilovers and lowering springs in Ireland, we have a large selection of all parts required for all makes and models.

  • What are Coilovers?

    Coilovers provide you with the ability to lower your car by making adjustments in the ride height. Unlike Lowering springs Coilovers can be adjusted where as with springs the height is pre-determined by the spring height. Having the ability to adjust your coilovers means they can be adjusted for different driving or racing conditions.

Coilovers By Redpower Motorsport

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We have a large range of Coilovers and lowering springs both online and Instore, can't find what you are looking for simply get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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