What is car remapping?


Performance tuning is available for almost all vehicles, Cars, Vans, Jeeps, Trucks, Tractors, Buses and even Boats. We can increase performance bhp and torque by as much as 40% in some vehicles. Most vehicles can be tuned using software only, meaning no mechanical changes need to be made to the vehicle. If you are not delighted with your performance gains, we can return your vehicle to standard at any time, plus refund your money in full inside 30 days.


Our famous BlueOptimize software is used by fleets and private motorists to save fuel, and lower emissions. Custom tuning for fuel economy doesn't mean sacrificing performance, in fact, we often improve overall performance in vehicles whilst saving them fuel. Our Vblend tuning option offers drivers a mixture of both fuel economy and performance at the same time.


Many ECU types need to be removed from the vehicle in order to modify the software for tuning. This process is carried out at our workshop bench, and is in very capable hands. Bench tuning will take longer to do and depends on the vehicle, but we will notify you on how long the job should take to complete.


This tuning is done via the vehicles on board diagnostic port. It enables us to tune the vehicle without the need to remove the ECU. The process generally takes about one hour to complete, and is available for most vehicles except some of the latest generation ECU's.

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