LED Car Light FAQ

What is an LED Car Light?

  • An LED car light is a Emitting Diode Which simply means to emit light in a very small band of wavelengths which produces a strongly coloured and focussed light. It first appeared on new cars in recent years, nowadays tough there are LED upgrade bulbs available as a replacement for most cars with the exception of headlights. LED lights car manufacturers are using LED technology and it is expected most cars in the future will have LED Lighting.

Why choose led light for your car over filament bulb?

  1. They generate less heat than a filament bulb.
  2. Longer lifespan than a filament bulb
  3. The light is much crisper
  4. Consume less power due to lower wattage

Will they fit on place of my current bulbs?

Will LED lights affect the ECU?

  • LED’S run on a much lower wattage which can sometimes cause an issue with the ECU, this is because the ECU may assume a bulb is out due to the low wattage.

What is a canbus LED Light?

  • The canbus LED Bulbs have a built in resistor which essentially fools the car ECU into thinking a standard bulb is being used and there are no issues, thus eliminating warning symbols etc.

What is an external LED Resister?

  • Similar ability to the canbus led bulb whereas the resister can be used to enable the correct wattage is drawn from the LED eliminating any ECU issues.

What colour LED Lights are recommended?  

  • We recommend you use the same colour LED as the lens of your car.