D1 Spec Airfilter Panel Toyota


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It is designed for use of both NON-oiled and oiled conditions, and is more dust-absorptive than original air filter models. D1 Spec replacement air filter could extend engine operating life and smooth the air intake, also it increases horsepower by 5% at least.
Having strong galvanized steel mesh and coated with epoxy to make it be antirust and anticorrosive.
Deeply pleating let filtration area increase 20% at least.
Made of unique EPDM frame , one­p iece form molded, so that the structure is firm. After testing, the temperature can bear from -30°c to 150°c.
Taking the filter to face on light, we can easy to see intensive of mesh structure. Even the filter has not sprayed with oil, it still can be maintain the best efficiency for dust-proof.

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Toyota Avensis 2003-2009, Toyota Carina 1986-1988, Toyota Carina 1988-1992, Toyota Carina 1992-1996, Toyota Celica 1985-1990, Toyota Celica 1990-1994, Toyota Corolla 1988-1992, Toyota Corolla 1992-1994, Toyota Corolla 1992-1997, Toyota RAV4 2000-2003, Toyota Yaris 1999-2003


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