Grippaz Tough & Durable Non-Slip Gloves


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Grippaz Nitrile Tough & Durable Non-Slip Gloves Product Description

Superior Nitrile gloves offering unparalleled strength and grip. This fit for purpose glove is ideal for mechanics and engineers.
Grippaz® use a specially formulated Nitrile organic compound that offers excellent performance against brake & clutch fluid, hydraulic & engine oil, grease, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and some solvents.

• Traction Grip inside and out
• Fish scale surface for wet and dry grip
• Chemical resistant
• Superb snug fit
• Specially formulated Nitrile for comfort stretch
• Maximum dexterity
• 100% Nitrile . No issues with latex protein allergy
• Touch Screen Friendly

Product Reference Model 246A
Description Grippaz® Patented Non-Slip Gloves
Length 24cm / 9.5 inches
Thickness 0.15mm, 6mil (0.26mm, 10mil at grip)
Beaded Cuff

50pcs per box

Grippaz 246 have been designed to fill a gap in the engineering and automotive market.
For too long you guys have been given nurses gloves to wear.
Moulds perfectly to your hand for comfort and maximum dexterity.
Specially formulated Nitrile to be robust and resistant to chemicals such as clutch & brake fluid.
The internal grip minimizes slippage and reduces hand fatigue.
Guaranteed silicone free to prevent fish eye in paint spray shops.


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