Mannol Super Cleaner 400ml


Mannol Super Cleaner 400ml

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MANNOL Super Cleaner is a universal, highly effective cleaner for quick and effective cleaning of all metal parts of engine compartments, carburetor housings, throttle valves, nozzles, injectors, brake systems, clutch parts, transmission assemblies, chassis, chains and tools. It dissolves oil and grease soiling, bitumen stains, lacquer deposits, traces of burnt technical fluids etc. It has an excellent penetrating ability. This product does not leave neither traces nor water stains.

Spray the cleaner onto the soiled parts and let it drain off. The parts are clean and grease-free after evaporation of the solvents. Besides, the cleaner is suitable for cleaning of motorcycle chains, engine separate parts, clutch parts, oil pumps, cogwheels, crankshafts and all other metallic non-painted parts. Note: This product dissolves varnish and damages plastic.


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