MANNOL 9423 Oil Leak-Stop 300ml


MANNOL 9423 Oil Leak-Stop 300ml

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MANNOL Oil Leak-Stop is a special additive to the engine oil that seals the lubrication system. It strengthens the surface structure of the piston rings and the hydraulic tappet, it restores the elasticity of the pads and reduces piston ring oil consumption by maintaining the viscosity of the engine oil. The additive is recommended for use in extreme conditions, in case of high oil consumption and erratic engine operations. This product is mixable with any engine oil and suitable for any type of engine.

A 300 ml can of Oil Leak-Stop is sufficient for up to 6 l of engine oil. It may be added at any time, warm up the engine after adding the product. The sealing effect occurs only after 600-800 km. To ensure a long-term success of the effect apply Oil Leak-Stop after every oil change. Note: Do not use in motorcycles with clutches in oil baths!


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