Mannol Motor Starter 450ml


Mannol Motor Starter 450ml

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MANNOL Motor Starter is a tool that facilitates and accelerates engine starts. It ensures a reliable assistance with cold starts, high humidity, damp spark plugs and a weak battery. This product is economical in use.

Spray directly into the air filter or the engine intake and immediately start the engine. If you have a gasoline engine please slightly press the gas pedal, if you have a diesel engine - press the gas pedal until it stops. DO NOT SPRAY ON SPARK PLUGS AND PARTS OF THE HEATING SYSTEM! Application in winter: gasoline and diesel engines of cars, trucks, buses, construction and agricultural equipment, motorcycles, chain saws, etc. Application in summer: all types of engines of construction equipment and tractors, outboard motors, scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and garden tools.


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