MANNOL 9978 Air-Con Fresh 200ml


MANNOL 9978 Air-Con Fresh 200ml

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MANNOL Air-Con Fresh is a prophylactic agent for deodorisation in vehicle air conditioners, ventilation ducts or vehicle air ducts without removing the cabin filter. It effectively and quickly removes unpleasant smells, bacteria, fungi and prevents them from re-forming. It leaves a fresh and pleasant aroma. This product prevents allergic diseases.

In order to dry the evaporator surface run the engine and set the following heating and ventilation conditions for 10 minutes: air conditioner OFF, recirculation ON, air distribution set to the footwell, set temperature and fan speed to max. Shake the can well before use. Place the Air-Con Fresh in the intake area of the air circulation system (mostly passanger footwell) and switch air distribution to windshield. Then press the sprayhead until it locks. Keep windows and doors closed for 10 minutes. Dry the evaporator at the same settings as described above. Switch off the engine and ventilate the interior for 10 minutes. Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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