SK-Import O2 Sensor Extender/Adapter L Shape


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This mechanical mild steel 90 degree O2 oxygen spacer exhaust check engine light fix is basically a way to space out the O2 sensor so that it still reads some exhaust gasses but it removes the O2 sensor from the direct flow of the gasses as to make the ecu believe there is a restriction in the exhaust gasses such as by a catalytic converter. There is no guarantee that this product will work on your specific application. There are always mixed results depending upon the layout of the exhaust system and the tuning of the ecu, however, this mechanical O2 fix is well known for minimize the chance of most cell caused by an o2 sensor. Remark: This spacer only minimize the chance of cell. Some vehicles will need their ECU reset if the CEL is triggered before hand.

Male end threads into existing m18 x 1.5 O2 bungs
O2 sensor threads into female end
90 degree bend design is great for spacer clearance issue
Can be converted into three different configuration
Material: Mild steel


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